Manny, Manuel F Perez 34th AD NY Dem Leader
We are One / Somos Uno

Campaign Issues

I live in our community and see certain issues, but YOU also live here and have your own concerns.  Our voices, needs and interests can come together and request action from the city and state, when we realize “We Are One”

Campaign Issues: Education

We need better schools and a better future for our children.  Sadly, in spite of the efforts of our teachers, local Assembly Members, and even some City Council Members, schools in Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst, Woodside and Corona are behind in needed improvements after years of mismanagement and policies that favor private and charter schools over those most of our children use.

As a former teacher I insist we need to plan for more classrooms, better school management, more community and parental involvement and more focus on preparing our children with knowledge and skills that will be needed in our evolving city and nation.


Too Much Traffic Too Little Public Transport

Too  Much TrafficI cannot drive and need to walk and use public transport.  Yet our community has narrow streets, broken sidewalks and a highway system set up in the 1960’s and subways and buses that are packed and unreliable.  I also observe limited access and signage for the elderly and disabled, and little police or MTA employee presence at stations and in trains and buses, Pubiic transportation for our area has been subjected to budget cuts and is not properly operated nor maintained to ensure we can get to and from work, school, and other important placess.    Worse yet, the Elevated 7 line along Roosevelt Avenue is deteriorated and falling apart in spots, endangering drivers and foot traffic alike.

I love cycling and used to ride to work every day, yet Queens bicycle lanes  without first improving our streets and infrastructure in the outer boroughs. This means I would have trucks, buses, and double parked vehicles taking over bike lanes and forcing me into traffic or onto sidewalks.  This is not cool, and can be dangerous.
Our streets are no longer dedicated to local communities of Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst, Corona and Woodside because drivers from other places fill up our parking spaces every day. We need better streets and transportation alternatives that serve us, and help us maintain our living standards as NYC grows and is transformed by new residents and the inevitable new job and housing developments of the future.


Campaign Issues: Community Safety & Justice

JaneWhen crime and violence, abuse  come into our streets fear takes over and people are afraid of everyone, including the police.  Abuse and injustice break the trust we, the people of Queens, NY and the US have with our institutions and this is simply wrong.  As a Latino who grew up facing discrimination and prejudice I understand how minority groups and individuals need leaders to step up and speak for equality, civil rights, and justice for all.

Our community is a treasure trove of small businesses that incorporate immigrants from over 200 nations as well as long term residents and people who both generate and work at local jobs that stimulate and maintain our neighborhoods. But I’ve observed that fear for our safety and health, that of our children, elderly and friends, can stifle our local economy and our future, as we have seen with the COVID-19 lockdown and the “Black Lives Matter” movement, to mention just 2 major issues.

 This is unfair to our residents and to our businesses.  “We are One” and we must all be safe and treated as equals before the law.


Campaign Issues: Environment and Recycling

JaneHaving volunteered to clean up beaches, help the NY 5 Boro Bike Tour at their Astoria rest stop, cleaned up streets in our community, promoted composting and supported many similar green efforts, I believe that we need to  protect our environment and world, and understand our responsibility as residents of a huge metropolis to reduce our negative impact on our surroundings.

Yet there are efforts to protect the environment that actually hurt the poor, infirm, disabled and those who live on the edge of poverty.  Hurting people is something I want to avoid at all costs, since poverty and fear are the source of much environmental damage.

For example,

  1. Our sewage system regularly dumps waste in our waterfronts and rivers due to its century + old design. 
  2. We recycle garbage that is not processed at recycling centers, causing our recycled waste to end up in landfills. 
  3. We need to coordinate city regulations with the reality of new initiatives to eliminate plastics and other recyclables from our garbage. 

Finally, it is the community, our youth and adults, who need to identify good opportunities that will help us all as we create a better world and city.

Please use the contact form to let me know of any other issues you are concerned about.