Manny, Manuel F Perez 34th AD NY Dem Leader
We are One / Somos Uno

Manny, Manuel Perez: Dem Leader


Why is Manny Dedicated to Serving the People?

Words from Manny Perez

  • NYC, strangers and neighbors have always helped him, and he enjoys “paying back” and “paying forward” finding solutions that work for all.
  • As a latino that has faced social and criminal injustice issues, Manuel defends all minority groups.
  • His experience in non-profits, private and public sectors,  and being a teacher in Queens, taught him that short term benefits that leave the poor behind hurt the whole community. 
  • His motto is “We Are One”!
    Manuel has seen success and failure from up close.  He wants to help all voices in Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst, Corona, Woodside, Queens, NY and -yes- this great nation to be heard and respected:
  • “We The People” must be heard and respected!.



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